Aircraft Type Ratings

We can provide aircraft type ratings on the following aircraft

Cessna 172N & Cessna 172SP | Piper PA 28 - 180 Archer

C172 N models

Frist introduced in 1977 we proudly own 2 C172 N models in our fleet. Skyhawk's created by Cessna is the most most successful aircraft in history, with more being built than any other aircraft.

They are comprised with a single engine, high fixed wing design & tricycle landing gear.


Max Speed - 163 kts (301 kph)

Wing span - 11 metres

Engine - Lcycoming O-320- H2AD (160hp)

MCTOW - 1043 kg

PA -28

DOS is a four-seater aircraft belonging to the Piper Cherokee family with fixed tricycle landing gear, powered with a Lycoming Model 0-360-A4A 180 horsepower single-engine. 

Piper Achers were first debuted in 1972 with the old Hershey bar wing design, a 5-inch longer fuselage & extended wingspan.

With unremarkable handling characteristics & its ability to handle crosswind with minimal footwork makes DOS a docile aircraft to fly.