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Diploma in Aviation - Aeroplane

Learn to Fly and Wanaka Helicopters have partnered to offer unparalleled flight training in both aeroplanes and helicopters amid the stunning Southern Alps. Our collaborative Diploma in Aviation (Aeroplane) is expertly developed and delivered by the experienced team at Learn To Fly and Wanaka Helicopters.

We are dedicated to producing the most skilled general aviation professionals in the job market. Our ground courses seamlessly integrate rotary and fixed-wing knowledge, enabling you to chart a career path that aligns with your aspirations, while fostering a deep understanding of responsible airspace sharing.

Our Unique Diploma Program

Discover the exclusive Diploma program at Learn to Fly NZ with Wanaka Helicopters, situated amidst the mountains, offering a distinct advantage over other training organisations in New Zealand. 


Experience coastal and mountain flying in under thirty minutes of flight time, immersing yourself in the diverse and challenging environment.


Engage in comprehensive core flight theory and essential aviation subjects for commercial operations. Acquire exceptional flight skills under the guidance of our highly experienced flight instructors during the intensive two-year full-time qualification. All training takes place at Wanaka Airport, where students actively participate in daily commercial operations, gaining invaluable real-world experience.


Wanaka Helicopters’ Diploma in Aviation Aeroplane encompasses all the necessary elements for obtaining a commercial license, supplemented by additional flight opportunities, ratings, and significant ground operations experience.

As the largest and most experienced flight training school in New Zealand, Wanaka Helicopters is committed to producing exceptional pilots, equipped for success in their chosen aviation careers.

For more information about our Diploma in Aviation (Aeroplane), please reach out to us below or visit the Wanaka Helicopters Diploma in Aviation page for additional details, including a course prospectus and comprehensive information about the program.

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