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C Category Flight Instructor

LearntoFlyNZ runs a C Cateogry Flight Instructors course over the winter months.

A C Cat is a great way to get started in the professional aviation industry. As a C-category instructor, you may teach
trainee pilots, although you will work under the supervision of an experienced instructor who will provide you with the knowledge and experience to make you into the best instructor you can be. To become a Flight Instructor you first must hold a minimum of a Commercial Pilot Licence. If you don't already hold one we provide Commercial Pilot Licence training. 


As an Instructor, you will require a current Class 1 Medical. If your medical is uncurrent, we can send you a list of medical examiners around the local area to conduct your renewal. 


Throughout this course, you will learn how to teach preflight briefings, Principles of Flight and conduct in-air teaching. You will be required to conduct 25 hours of Dual training with our B Category Flight Instructors.

You will be required to complete an Instructor Techniques course.  See CAA NZ website to learn more


To gain a C Category Flight instructor Rating  you need a minimum of 200 hours Total Flight Time which is divided into the following:

  • 150 hours  as Pilot in Command

  • 40 hours Cross-Country Navigation Flight Time - With 1 flight of at least 300 nautical miles in an aeroplane during which at least 2 full-stop landings have been made at intermediate points en-route. 

  • 5 hours instrument time including at least 10 hours instrument flight time in aeroplanes

  • 1 hour dual instruction in spin recovery and to have been certified competent in this exercise.

  • 25 hours of Instructor Training

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