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3 Weeks

About the Course

Do you want to learn how to interpret and assess weather and weather forecasts for your flying? Or perhaps you have a general interest in weather patterns and want to build on this. Either way weather in New Zealand and particularly the mountainous regions such as Wanaka is very unique and we'll go cover what is happening and how to anticipate what will happen!

This course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to become familiar with the concepts behind weather.

  • Anyone who wants to be able to intepret forecasts in New Zealand and anticipate the weather.

  • Anyone on their PPL journey and needs to sit the PPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge Exam.

  • Anyone who is interested in weather in general.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Decode aviation weather forecasts; and

  • Intepret various weather maps; and

  • Have a working knowledge of the lower atmosphere and how wind and clouds forml and

  • Have a working knowledge of hazardous weather conditions in NZ; and

  • Be able to interpret and anticipate mountain weather in NZ; and

  • Understand how fronts and turbulence interact and form in NZ; and

  • Assess sattelite and radar imagery; and

  • Have a sound knowledge of the syllabus detailed in AC 61-3; and

  • With some revision sit and pass the CAANZ Aircraft Technical Knowledge Examination; and

Course Dates:

2nd July 2024 - 1800-2100

4th July 2024 - 1800-2100

9th July 2024 - 1800-2100

11th July 2024 - 1800-2100

16th July 2024 - 1800-2100

18th July 2024 - 1800-2100

Course Location:

Clutha Lecture Room - 6 Lloyd Dunn Avenue, Wanaka Airport, Wanaka, 9832

ZOOM: Available for this course.

Resources Required:

Waypoints Book No. 3 - Weather To Fly

Additional resources Provided:

Online course notes and progress quizzes via our online learning system; and

Mock exam; and

Study technique notes

Your Instructor

Hamish McGill

Hamish McGill

Hamish is our Chief Flying Instructor and brings a wealth of VFR and IFR knowledge for PPL, CPL, Instrument, Instructor, and Mountain Students.

Hamish was previously heavily involved in interpreting maritime weather forecasts and manipulating modelled weather data for different uses in the maritime environment and is able to bring an extended depth of knowledge that is usually unavailable in most flight schools

"Flying and learning in Wanaka is a dream come true, it's an amazing place to teach the next generation of pilots and while it's challenging, I have no doubt that we produce some of the best pilots in New Zealand"

Hamish enjoys long walks on the beach, sunset instagrams, and cleaning planes after someone else makes them dirty!

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