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Human Factors




2 Weeks

About the Course

The PPL Human Factors night course is a perfect second subject for someone on their journey into the 6 PPL Theory Examinations.

Learn how as pilots we interact with other pilots, the aircraft, air traffic controllers, and how to avoid and manage the dreaded 'pilot-error'. Understand how we make desicions and how different physical, psychological and physiological considerations apply to aviation. Plus much more!

This course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking for a refresher on Human Factors in aviation.

  • Anyone seeking to further their knowledge on Human Factors to be a better desicion maker and pilot.

  • Anyone on their PPL journey and wants to sit the PPL Human Factors Exam.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the practical applications of Human Factors in aviation; and

  • Have a sound knowledge of the syllabus detailed in AC 61-3; and

  • With some revision sit and pass the CAANZ Human Factors Examination; and

  • Be able to identify and understand the physical and phsyiological considerations of flight; and

  • Be able to apply Human Factors to all normal, emergency, and planning stages of flight.

Course Dates:

Our next course dates are TBC

Course Location:

Clutha Lecture Room - 6 Lloyd Dunn Avenue, Wanaka Airport, Wanaka, 9832

ZOOM: Available for this course.

Resources Required:

Aviation Medicine and other Human Factors for Pilots; Dr Ross Ewing

Additional resources Provided:

Online course notes and progress quizzes via our online learning system; and

Mock exam; and

Study technique notes

Your Instructor

Hamish McGill

Hamish McGill

Hamish is our Chief Flying Instructor and brings a wealth of VFR and IFR knowledge for PPL, CPL, Instrument, Instructor, and Mountain Students.

Hamish is also part way through a Psychology Degree and is able to bring both practical and research based approach to Human Factors

"Flying and learning in Wanaka is a dream come true, it's an amazing place to teach the next generation of pilots and while it's challenging, I have no doubt that we produce some of the best pilots in New Zealand"

Hamish enjoys long walks on the beach, sunset instagrams, and cleaning planes after someone else makes them dirty!

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