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Air Law




2.5 Weeks

About the Course

How old do I have to be to fly an aircraft solo? When am I able to take my family flying with me? How far from the cloud do I have to fly?

We will give you the answers to all these questions and many more on our PPL Air Law ground course.

Rules and regulations are designed to help keep us safe in the skies. You will learn where our laws come from and how to access, accurately interpret them and apply them to everyday flying.

Once you have your PPL, many more doors open up for you. Different aircraft type ratings, aerobatic ratings and glider/banner towing ratings are just some of your options.

How do you go about achieving these? This is all covered in the law also, let us show you where!

The PPL Air Law night course is an excellent option for someone on their journey into the 6 PPL Theory Examinations.

This course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking for a refresher on Law in aviation.

  • Anyone who has not renewed their licence in more than 5 years and needs to pass a Law exam.

  • Anyone on their PPL journey and needs to sit the PPL Air Law Exam.

  • Anyone who requires a knowledge of how aeroplane or helicopters operate (i.e. Drone Pilots, Ground Crew etc.)

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Access and reference all relevent part the legislation and rules; and

  • Have a sound knowledge of the syllabus detailed in AC 61-3; and

  • With some revision sit and pass the CAANZ Air Law Examination; and

  • Have a thorough working knowledge of the rules that apply to Part 91 operations; and

  • Be able to apply Human Factors to all normal, emergency, and planning stages of flight.

Course Dates:

5th March 2024 - 1800-2100

7th March 2024 - 1800-2100

7th March 2024 - 1800-2100

12th March 2024 - 1800-2100

14th March 2024 - 1800-2100

19th March 2024 - 1800-2100

Course Location:

Clutha Lecture Room - 6 Lloyd Dunn Avenue, Wanaka Airport, Wanaka, 9832

ZOOM: Available for this course.

Resources Required:

Waypoints Book No. 5 - Air Law

Additional resources Provided:

Online course notes and progress quizzes via our online learning system; and

Mock exam; and

Study technique notes

Your Instructor

Daniel Stuckey

Daniel Stuckey

I am Daniel, originally from England moved to New Zealand as a child that grew up in Porirua, Wellington. I got into aviation when I was in Scouts, I went to the Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School in 2019 as an ab initio and fell in love.

In my past I did sailing for a few years as a teenager, sailing Starlings in a few regattas and competitions. I have done a lot of camping around the lower north island, and a few hikes around the Tararuas, Nelson lakes and Abel Tasman.
My recent hobbies in Wanaka have been attempting a few trails around Sticky Forest, and saving up to buy a motorcycle. In the winter I will be trying my best to go skiing at the ski fields. When the weather isn't good I will be listening to music or watching movies.

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